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Jewelry "Frosted" set

An absolute dream set!

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Jewelry "Frosted"

High quality, hand-crafted work by Eigen-Schmied-Design.

This 4-piece jewelry set includes the ring, "frosted" matching earrings and a pendant.

This gorgeous jewelry set is made of 925 sterling silver and is also stamped that way. The stoneholder are additinally goldThe jewels are each staffed with beautiful granate.

Material: in 925er sterling silver
The stoneholder: in 925er sterling silver with partial gold-plating

ring rail: approx 5 mm
ring head: approx 8 mm
weight: approx 7,0 grammes
stone: 1 Granat, 4 mm, red

size: approx 6 x 21 mm
weight: approx 5,4 grammes
stone: 2 Granate, 3 mm, red

size: approx 22 x 12 mm
weight: approx 4,9 Gramm
stone: 1 Granat, 3 mm, red

"Every other of us offered precious stones is possible without extra charge." 

The set is delivered in a noble velvet bag with certificate and calculation (with stated VAT).

Light divergences of the pattern set in weight, form and width are possible, because the set is completely made for you quite individually and is therefore again an absolute unique specimen only for you.

Delivery time 10 days after payment entrance.

13 sitvg set